Business for the betterment of the comminty, not just the bottom line

Real estate agents ARE a commodity
Minnesota has about one real estate agent for every 340 people. Every neighborhood has an agent or two it seems. There is an agent in nearly every family tree. The Great Recession culled agent count a bit but agents are still more common than post offices and grocery stores... Read more
Splash of an idea!
When I was a boy, we used to hop on our bikes and meet our friends at the community pool. The pool was simple and unheated so the water was chilly even on the hottest days. We got used to it. There is nothing better than a dip in the... Read more
“But Dad, you WEREN’T there for us.”
Bryan Ward of Third Way Man wrote a blog piece the other day that punched me in the gut. Brought tears to my eyes even. I can easily see myself in the story. It hit home because I’ve been telling my kids similar things recently. I never want them to... Read more
Don’t Take the Bait
I bet you’ve heard this question: “Do you know anyone who is looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate?”    I’m sure you’ve seen this one posted on Facebook…“I’m in a contest. I need your help! Please call me.”   From the moment an agent gets his or... Read more
Fined for Referral Kick-Backs
Ouch! Prospect Mortgage was recently fined $3.5 million for allegedly using kickbacks to drum up business. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges the mortgage lender made illegal payments to real estate brokers in exchange for mortgage origination referrals. Prospect has “neither confirmed nor denied the charges” but has agreed... Read more
Going going, back back, to Ely
The summer after I graduated high school I moved 5+ hours away from home and settled in Ely, MN. It was the end of the road, literally. I had no car and didn’t know a soul. The college sits on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness... Read more
Join the Trailblazer Society!
What is the Trailblazer Society? We are a group of average philanthropists who gather our resources to make an above-average impact in the community. The Gist: Three local non-profits are nominated to present a quick 10-minute pitch for our support. Members vote. The winning organization receives a $100 check... Read more
Working on the chain gang
I have blisters and my back aches. I spent Wednesday hand-splitting wood at Lake Rebecca Park. But this wasn’t a camping trip or volunteer work. I was finishing up the second of two days on the Hennepin County Sentencing to Service (STS) program. It is the last of my... Read more
Those who embrace change come out winners
I have to say, history isn’t on your side if you choose not to embrace the change. – James Altucher   Change is coming to the real estate industry, whether agents like it or not. The modern economy is evolving quickly and middlemen are being cut out of the... Read more
How to deal with FBOE (Fear that a Better Offer Exists)
Each fall I spend a few weekends at the deer shack chasing whitetails with my grandpa, dad, and brothers. Each night before we hit our bunks the same question is posed, “Where are you going in the morning?” Deciding which deer stand to sit in isn’t major decision, and... Read more